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This is a handmade mug made of stoneware and is hand carved with viking decoration. The inscription is in old runes and reads "Hugin and Munin" It's from the Nordic Mythology and is the names of Odin's ravens. On the other side the inscription is "sleipnir" who was the eight legged horse of Odin. The mug is coated with "terra sigilata", one of the oldest known method to make clay waterproof.

This mug is made for beer but is good for whatever you choose to drink from it.
It can hold 500 ml (17 ounce) of liquid.

This mug is one of four drinking vessels I make in a series where I have carved a mold to reproduce the pattern accurately, Still these items are handmade and can vary slightly in color and texture. The other vessels in the series are for a small shot, a bigger shot and a mead. They can however be bought separately.

I have a few in stock but more can be made by order.

Ceramic Viking Beer Mug with carved Pictures from the Old Norse Mythology.


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