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It can take up to eight weeks to make but usually takes less than that. 

A handmade mug of stoneware and hand-carved with Viking decoration. It has dents on the sides for easy grip. You can choose an orange or black base.

The patterns can be customized and text in runes can be applied. 

The photos above show the patterns that can be carved on the mugs. If you have your own idea of a pattern send me a message and we will figure it out. 

1. Face mask. Recreation of a pattern found on a granite Viking Age memorial turnstone.
2. A serpent in a knot.
3. Valkyrie holding a drinking horn. Recreation of a pattern found on Viking jewelry. 
4. Viking ship.
5. A Viking Warrior with a sword and a shield.

6. Serpent wrapped around a sword.
7. The tree of life in Norse Mythology

8. Sword and Shield

Both the shapes of the mugs and the patterns are made by hand and there will never be two exactly the same.

The mugs are coated inside with "terra sigilata", the oldest known method to make clay waterproof.

The mugs are approximately 13,5 cm ( 5,3 inches) in height, 9 cm ( 3.5 inches ) in width and can hold 600 ml (20,3 ounces). They are dishwasher proof.

These mugs are perfect for beer but are also good for whatever you choose to drink from them.

Custom made Ceramic Viking Beer Mug with carved pictures from Viking age.


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