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Can take up to eight weeks to make.


Very special wedding glasses for a special wedding. Handmade Carved Viking glasses shaped like a horn with the bride's and groom's names in Runes. Optional with no extra cost is writing a phrase of choice, also in Runes. 

Each horn has its own stand so it is possible to put it away between sips and while the wedding dance is danced. You can drink whatever you like from the glasses, hot drink or cold, mead, wine, beer, sparkling etc. After the wedding they can be washed in the dishwasher and stashed on a shelf for decoration between the anniversaries to come. Then it is ideal to take them down and make a toast.

The Viking Wedding glasses are made of stoneware, and are coated with "terra sigilata", one of the oldest known method to make clay waterproof. The carved pattern is a Celtic knot with two bands of rings entwined. The names of the bride and groom is written on the rings but the optional phrase text is written on the bands that make the knot. It's possible to choose black or red base. 

They can only be made by order and it can take up to three months to make but usually it takes about 6 weeks. Send me a message with names, phrase and further information for the custom made Carved Viking Wedding Glasses shaped like a horn with stands.

Please note that these items are handmade and can vary slightly in color and texture.

Custom Made, Handmade Carved Ceramic Viking Wedding Glasses shaped as Horn


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