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This is a schnapps cup, handmade and carved with great care. The inscription on it is in old runes and reads "This drink is good". It´s written in Icelandic and the phrase in Icelandic is "Sopinn er góður".


The cup is coated with "Terra Sigilata" one of the oldest known methods to make clay waterproof before the glazes where developed. It can hold 40 ml (1,4 ounce) of liquid and is dishwasher proof. It's made for shots, schnapps and liquor but of course you can drink whatever you like from it. Cheers!!!

The cup is one of four drinking vessels I make in a series where I have carved a mold to reproduce the pattern accurately. Still, these items are handmade and can vary slightly in color and texture. The other vessels in the series are for a bigger shot, mead and beer. They can all be bought separately as this smaller shot glass. 

Viking mini shot glass with carved runes description that says the drink is good


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